Things got icy and sketchy this morning in the Fort Worth area. Ice conditions in the area mixed with freezing rain and began to accumulate on I-35. Forth Worth Police reported a mile-long pileup was the aftermath of the slippery conditions.

With the freezing rain, sleet, and subfreezing temperatures, the roadways started to accumulate ice overnight. The conditions worsened this morning as more traffic began to travel on the road. The result was an estimated 100 vehicles on the roadway left stranded and twisted together. First responders and crews began to sift through the wreckage to check on those who were injured or could not escape their vehicles. Buses were brought in to get the victims to safety and off the roadway. The issue was the victims being stranded on the roadway could also begin to suffer hypothermia. The first responder were able to rescue them and get them to a warm place away from the roadway.

After the mile-long, 100-car pile up was gone through, 36 victims were sent to the hospital for various injuries and five were pronounced dead on the scene. This is the type of weather we could see here in the SWLA area in the coming weekend. We need to be extra cautious of driving conditions and the areas around us as the temperature drops.

Stay safe and stay warm.

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