On April 30, in Bossier Parish, Jury selection is to begin for the Kevin Daigle trial. The trial is something a lot of people in SWLA have been waiting for. Daigle is accused of 1st degree murder of Sr. Trooper Steven Vincent  in 2015. The state is seeking the death penalty for Daigle if his is convicted.

Now, a week before. Defense motions are to be heard in district court, seven to be exact, delaying the trial. Calcasieu Special Prosecutor Rick Bryant is extremely frustrated at this sudden influx of new defense motions. The 392 page document filed contests the fact that Judge Guy Bradberry should be removed from the case for many reasons, including that Vincent's wife worked in juvinile court and there were what the defense considered social media interactions between Vincent's wife and Bradberry. Judge Bradberry testified earlier in the process that there were no interactions between him and the wife.

Bryant believes these are simply delay tactics and that these documents could have been filed a long time ago instead of waiting till now to do so. Now, it's in the hands of the Third Circuit Court of Appeal to decided whether Bradberry can continue with the case or not.

Not only is Bryant outraged, he even stated that he had never seen such delay tactics either. The other motions filed along with this one include: furnish the report of the psychiatrist that examined Daigle, restrict opinion testimony by a state witness, exclude "improper" closing arguments at the penalty phase, accommodations for Daigle to hear the trial better, limit law officers wearing uniforms during the trial in the court room.

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