A few weeks ago, our spirits were high. There are always rumors floating around about new things coming to the Lake Area, but this one seemed to hit us all with excitement. As if it might have been a sure thing. Let's be honest, the rumors for a Dairy Queen returning were true, so why not a Whataburger.

Whataburger (Photo taken by Mike Soileau)
Whataburger (Photo taken by Mike Soileau)

The Facebook page Discovering Moss Bluff decided to get involved, and were the ones to begin hearing about the rumors. According to their most recent post about the "Whata-Rumor", it is not happening any time soon.

They reached out to Whataburger and inquired about the rumors of one coming to the Bluff and were given this statement.

While we don't have plans to expand to Moss Bluff at this time, we are always looking for new communities to serve in. Hopefully we can serve the Moss Bluff community someday!

Most of us were already skeptical when we first heard the rumor, but we all can agree that there's always a glimmer of hope that it returns to the Lake Area.

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