I've loved watching paranormal investigation shows and documentaries ever since a young child.  As a kid, I did believe in ghosts. I would read every book in the school library I could get my hands on that dealt with ghosts and hauntings.  However, as I have grown older, the idea of ghosts being real is something I can't accept anymore.  But with that said, I am still very drawn to the paranormal investigation shows.  I am still wildly fascinated with the premise, but I am a skeptic.

Ghost Adventures

Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" Autograph Signing - Comic-Con 2011
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From the first time I saw their first documentary in 2006 titled, Ghost Adventures, I was hooked.  They filmed it in Virginia City, NV at several locations, but the "golden moment" of the documentary was at the Goldfield Hotel.  There, they caught on a video a brick being thrown and several pieces of wood being thrown and levitated into the air.  Check out the video below!

The team first consisted of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. However, season 10 would be the last for Groff.  The current team is Bagans, Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley.

The reason I am so drawn to this show is mainly the type of investigations that they do.  A majority of the investigations that they take on as a team are cases that have shown demonic activity.  I may be a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that there are demons and angels all around us fighting a spiritual battle every day here on this Earth.

They're interacting with some pretty heavy stuff in most of their episodes. They've even had to shut down investigations for priests to perform exorcisms on them.  Attachments from the investigations have reportedly ruined Aaron Goodwin's marriage, causing a divorce. It almost ruined Nick Groff's marriage, to which he had to promise his wife he would never go back to Bobby Mackey's Music World ever again, and Zak can't keep a regular girlfriend because of all the strange happenings at home.

Over the 15 years that the show has been on TV, they have documented incredible evidence to support the claims of activity that got them there in the first place to investigate.  If I had to pick one piece of evidence to present anyone from the show, and that's a hard one, but it would be the laughing doll from the "Island Of Dolls" episode.

Let me set this up for ya.  The GAC crew is in Mexico to investigate the Island of Dolls.  A recluse lived on the island, and one day he saw a little girl drowning in front of his island.  He couldn't save her, and she died.  A few days later, he said a doll floated to the bank of his island, which he took as a sign from the deceased girl.

He believed that her spirit was trapped on the island because of her sudden death.  He saved that doll, and started collecting dolls for the little girl. He hung them all over his island, which is uber creepy in itself and its next level creepy when you see the guys boating up to the island in the pitch dark.  During their investigation, Zak and Aaron are in a room fixing to take out "the world's most haunted doll" to see how his energy affects the room of dolls.  There is a burst of energy that 2 cats feel and they go crazy and it scares Zak and Aaron.  As they are trying to compose themselves and return to the investigation, one of the dolls on the wall starts to laugh. Yes, LAUGH!  After it's done, they check it for batteries.  The doll is extremely old filled with cobwebs, with no batteries in sight!

The gritty, jumpy cam documentary style that they film in adds another dimension to the show that I love.  It is raw and real.  The equipment they use to investigate is interesting, too.

The Mel Meter takes temperature readings and electromagnetic readings in the area.  It's believed that spirits are electromagnetic energy, and that the temperature will drop in the presence of a spirit.  The SB11 Spirit Box uses FM radio frequencies and sweeps them at a high rate of speed.  It's so fast, you can't hear the radio stations in the background; it's just white noise.  It's believed that spirits can talk in white noise.  The REM Pods, Voice Recorders, the Ovilus, the Kinect Cam, and many other cool tech gadgets that aid their investigations draw me in, as well.  Below, Zak talks in an older video about some of the technology that they use.

They are brave dudes, I could never - EVER - do what they do!  If you haven't seen an episode of Ghost Adventures, then do yourself a favor, and check the show out.

You won't be disappointed!

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