One half of the legendary duo "The Judds" and the mom in the situation Naomi Judd turns 72 years old today.

Naomi's real name is Diana Ellen Judd and she was born in Ashland, Kentucky in 1946.  Who would have known that when Naomi was born, she would change country music forever.

In 1983, the Judds were formed with her daughter Wynonna.  During the run of the musical duo The Judds, they scored 15 number one hits and released 26 singles.

Some of their iconic songs include "Mama He's Crazy, Why Not Me, Grandpa tell me about the good ole days, and Love Can Build A Bridge" just to name a few.

The Judds had a great run from 1983 until 1991 when the duo decided to stop performing together after Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Shortly after that in 1991, Wynonna started her solo career.

Naomi Judd has stayed in the spotlight though thru the years appearing in movies, TV and musical event.  Happy Birthday to a true legend Mrs. Naomi Judd.

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