Well, it looks like our childhood dream character has now come to life on the big screen. In 1963, Norman Bridwell published one of America's favorite books, Clifford the Big Red Dog. The two-year-old dog was obviously a giant in the books as Clifford was around 25 feet tall in most scenarios. In the pictures, his size seemed to vary based on what he was doing.

Fast forward to 2012, when Universal Pictures decided to make a live-action version of our heroic canine, but it kept getting bumped for other movies coming out at the time. In 2020, it got scheduled again to be made and released, but COVID-19 canceled the entire production like everything else in the world. Here we are now in 2021, and in May, the film was finally scheduled to be released. The trailer hit the internet a few days ago with a release date of September 17, 2021. I have to admit, I felt a good bit of nostalgia to see Clifford jump around in the trailer. It was everything my imagination thought it would be.

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