Growing up, I loved going to the movies. It usually happened after a good report card, when I would start looking at the newspaper for the new movies coming out that weekend. That's right, movies in the newspaper. A while later, I discovered movie phone. You could call a number to hear the plot of each movie and get the times they would be playing.

I have a few fond memories of going to the movies. My late uncle took me to see Lion King the weekend it came out and even bought me a shirt to go along with it that I still have to this day. My parents and I took a vacation to San Antonio one year and it rained all day one day. We went to a mall there and discovered it had its own movie theater. Being from Lake Charles, that was a big deal! A movie theater in the mall? We went and saw Aladdin there to waste a time during the rain. The last movie I saw with my parents was actually at the Oak Park cinema in Lake Charles. It was the Santa Clause on a random weeknight.

Amazon, Three Amigos
Amazon, Three Amigos

This brings me to the subject at hand. During the whole quarantine thing, I decided to go back and re-watch some movies from my childhood. Most of these are from the '80s and '90s, so don't judge. I'd be willing to bet you've seen at least one of these, but if you haven't, you gotta check them out.

Old School Movies I Could Watch on Repeat

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