A warrant was issued last week after Pastor Tony Spell of the Life Tabernacle Church. News station, Fox 44, caught video of Spell backing up his church's bus and almost hitting a protester. The protester was there to speak out about Spell continuing to hold church despite the stay-at-home order in Baton Rouge.

Spell was using the bus to distribute food to members of his congregation who could not get out or not work to afford the food due to the stay-at-home order. After turning himself in, Spell was placed on house arrest.

Pastor At Life Tabernacle Church In Baton Rouge Holds Easter Service Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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This isn't the first time Spell has had run-ins with the law during this time. At the end of March, Central Baton Rouge PD issued Spell a summons for holding services in his church multiple times, despite the stay-at-home order in place. Video from his YouTube page shows members from his church live-streaming his interaction with the officers who delivered his misdemeanor charge. After signing and accepting the ticket, he stopped and prayed while streaming over the officers who delivered his ticket.

Spell continues to hold church despite further prosecution from law enforcement. This past Sunday, Spell and his church were streaming their services live despite the stay-at-home order in place and the house arrest ankle monitor on his leg.

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Spell was seen from multiple camera angles showing off his ankle monitor as he spoke about freedom. He began to tell his church, "We're not hiding anymore. It's a dirty rotten shame..." He made sure to show off his monitor to anyone with a camera or taking video.

I have to be honest, he showed that ankle monitor off like it was a brand-new pair of ostrich boots. Whether you are on his side or not, keep in mind that not only has one of the church's parishioners lost their life to COVID-19, but his very own lawyer, Jeffrey Wittenbrink, tested positive recently. The lawyer was on oxygen and being treated before Easter for the virus.

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