Police issued a harsh reminder to dog owners after rescuing a pit bull from a hot car over the holiday weekend.

Stop being lazy (harsh, yes, but true). Bring your pet home and then go back out to run whatever errands you need to do.

This advice came in the form of a Facebook post from the Boynton Beach Police Department after they rescued a dog from a powered off parked car with the windows rolled up.

Police responded after getting a call from a concerned citizen around 10:30 a.m. After they were unsuccessful in locating the owner in the stores of a nearby strip mall, Sgt. John Dunlop used his baton to break a window and free the pup.


The temperature in the vehicle had risen to 110 degrees.

According to WBRZ, the dog's owner showed up about 15 minutes after police responded to the call explaining that she "just left the dog park and had to stop at the bank." The woman told police that the drive-thru was closed and she had to go inside to handle her business.

She was cited by an animal cruelty investigator for leaving her dog unattended in the vehicle.

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