The attempt to recall Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnayder has failed to reach enough signatures needed before the petition's deadline.

The petition, organized by Blaine Thomas LeMaire and Larry Jean LeMaire Jr. of Killian, was filed on September 18 last year citing failure to support constituents and failure of elected duties, as he was strongly critized for not fighting hard enough against Governor John Bel Edwards's state pandemic restrictions.

In order to be successful, the petition needed to receive signatures from 25% or more of the constituents in his home district within 180 days of filing. If the organizers had received the required amount of signatures needed, it would've been brought up to a vote on whether or not to recall Schexnayder.

However, the deadline has passed and the Governor's office has said they haven't received any information about the petition from the organizers.

Schexnayder represents parts of Ascension, Livingston, St. James, and St. John the Baptist parishes and has been in office since 2012. He's currently serving his third term in office.

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