Get ready to celebrate your 4th of July Cajun style as Richard LeBouef will be performing live in Kinder.

Richard LeBouef is known for his high power style of music and his electric live show. He and his band, Two Step, have been providing great music for decades now.

Back in 1997, Richard released a CD called Again For The First Time, which spawned the huge hit song Empty Glass. The song was first released by Gary Stewart.

Richard LeBouef (photo provided by Richard LeBouef)
Richard LeBouef (photo provided by Richard LeBouef)

Since then, Richard has had many more hits, like Who Stole My Monkey, Louisiana Lullaby, and Midland Two Step, just to name a few.

Richard LeBouef will be live at Coushatta Casino Resort this Thursday, July 4th. He will be playing at the Mikko Center, and the show starts at 7:00pm.

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