60 days and counting. That's how long we have been without the sandwich that was famous across the nation. Recently, in the last few days, Twitter has been real chatty about its return.

It's just a rumor, but people are claiming that they are calling their local eateries to see if they know when they will return. The average return date, according to Twitter detectives, seems to be the first of November.

Other, perhaps more knowledgeable people, are realizing that Popeyes will only be releasing them to 150 stores.

The one rumor that seems to be really floating around about the return of the sandwich, is that Popeyes is planning on hiring roughly 400 more employees. Basically, you can get hired just to be on chicken sandwich duty.

Will it made a comeback as hard as its initial reveal? Perhaps we will know in the days or weeks to come. Who's hungry?

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