Swamps, bayous, water, fishing, hunting, cypress trees. These are the types of backgrounds I would expect when trying to describe the entire state of Louisiana. If you want to get literal, we can sprinkle in ports, refineries, and casinos. For this case, we will stick to the more beautiful side of things.

We all know the love/hate relationship we have with Sam's. Sometimes you need a case of Hot Pockets and a pallet of pickles. Maybe you need some cheaper options for clothes. Sam's has you covered, like always. Some may not realize that Sam's and Walmart are wholesale retailers. They buy in bulk in order to keep costs lower for their customers. Sometimes the items they buy are new old stock that may not have sold at retail stores, so they buy it all up at a discount to sell in their own stores. That brings us to this jewel of an object found in the clothing department at a local store.

I have quite a few Louisiana-based shirts. My purple and gold Mardi Gras "Geaux Cup" is perhaps my favorite one to date. I like unique shirts that show off where I am from. I am proud of it, just list most of the residents of the state. However, I can't decide if this one makes me mad, confused, or just chalk it up to the fact that this is hilarious and I need one.

You are reading it correctly. That is a grey hoodie with "Louisiana, The Bayou State" on it, but with a beautiful landscape of mountains, trees, and a deer posed on a hill as it overlooks the mountainous terrain. Obviously, whoever made this design has not been to the area, but then perhaps they have. We do technically have a mountain in Louisiana. I use the term "technical" very loosely. The unwritten rule in justifying a mountain is anything over 1,000 feet. It's not official, but it's just assumed anything less is really a hill. Our Louisiana "mountain" falls a smidge short of that mark. The Driskill Mountain in Louisiana peaks out around 535ft. By mountain standards, that's just a fancy hill.

In Louisiana, that thing might as well be Pike's Peak! Closer to home, the closest thing we have is the old BFI trash mountain in Sulphur you can see on I-10. Maybe that's the mountain they were going for. Course, if that was the case, that deer would probably have two heads if it was standing on it. Sadly, they didn't have this majestic fantasy of Louisiana in a "husky" size, but I just need someone else to get it so I can be jealous!

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