Meet Jesse Hernandez. He's from Maurice, Louisiana and has been dancing since the old age of 2. 23 years later, he is now the first male member of the Saintsations.

This wasn't a fluke or luck, it seems. Hernandez has been dancing his entire life in competitions and has even instructed dance troops in Lafayette for a minor-leauge hockey team. Despite online comments as he spun his way through the tryouts, Hernandez and supporters stayed focused on his life long dream. He made his way through cut after cut all the way down to being on of the 51 finalists to join.

mail saint 3

Hernandez's inspiration came from 2 other first time male dancers, LA Rams dancers Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron. They were his inspiration to trying out for his life long dream and even called to wish him congratulations and an open invitation to ask for help if he needed it.

It doesn't seem that Hernandez needs any help right now, he was made the star in a few routines during the Saints Friday night game facing off against the Arizona Cardinals. He was the center of attention and didn't disappoint it seems.

mail saint 2

I am not a dancer, but I am going to go ahead and tell the other Saintsations to watch out! Between his leg lifts and toe spins, he's a bit crisper than the other girls. Good luck to the Saints this season, and good luck to the newest member of the Saintsations, Jesse Hernandez!

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