It's been two years and four months since Tobacco Plus located on the corner of Nelson Road and West Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles lost its building due to hurricanes Laura and Delta back in August of 2020.

They have been operating out of a portable trailer to stay in business for the last two years plus as they rebuilt their new building from the ground up. Well, it is now complete and reopened this week.

When we say from the ground up, we mean it. The previous building was completely torn down and they had to start from scratch. The new building is way bigger than the previous building that stood there.

Photo provided by Liz (Tobacco Plus)
Photo provided by Liz (Tobacco Plus)

As they rebuilt the store, they added so many more amenities inside the store e that they didn't have before like a restaurant called The Bourbon Street Deli. The deli features fired boudin balls, pork and chicken cracklins, and even fried ribs. We have tried them already and they are all delicious.

On top of the new deli, the new location of Tobacco plus also features a new drive-thru complete with an ordering board and menu. Inside the store, they also have features like hot food you can grab and go, a massive fountain drink section, and icee's for the kids.

Ready to see the inside of the new store? We have your exclusive first look inside the store. Here ya geaux!

Tobacco Plus In Lake Charles

So make sure to stop in and welcome back their friendly staff while checking out the nicest convenient store in Southwest Louisiana.

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