USA Today recently wrote a story about some great cold weather tips concerning items in our cars.

It's funny, because just yesterday I asked my daughter where her phone was before she went to bed.  She replied that it was in "mom's van".  So I had to give her the cold weather and cell phones don't mix talk.

If I had to write a #7 to this list, it would be a laptop.  My laptop is like an extension of my body, I take it everywhere.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't live life without it.  In fact, it's 13 years old and it still works like it did out of the box.  Props to Toshiba.

 Six Things You Shouldn't Leave In Your Car When It's Freezing Outside:

1.  Your cell phone.  If the temperatures get to low it can jack up your battery and possible crack your screen.

2.  Soda or beer.  They're essentially 98% percent water, so in the cold temps they will swell and potentially burst in your car.

3.  Canned foods.  Same as with soda, the water can freeze and expand, and that can break the seal on the can and cause your food to go bad.

4.  Musical instruments, like a guitar.  The wood can crack if it's too cold.  Plus they'll definitely drift out of tune.

5.  Medication.  Certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get too cold.

6.  A low gas tank.  Your tank needs to be at least half full to protect fuel lines from freezing.

I hope this helps, I know personally I learned a lot from this article.

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