Adding water to a kid's day is always a surefire recipe for fun.

The splash pad at River Bluff Park in Moss Bluff is opening up today for the first time. The park is located at 543 Theriot Road. Click here for directions.

When my kids were young, they loved being around water. If they weren't swimming in the summer, they were playing with the sprinkler or the water hose. My dad even made a makeshift water obstacle course for them out of PVC pipe at his house (see picture below). They had a ball, but I know they would rather be playing in the water with other kids and making new friends.

Photo by Mike Oleander
Photo by Mike Oleander

Prien Lake Park’s splash pad is still closed due to damages from both hurricanes and the ice storm.

River Bluff Park in Moss Bluff is operated and maintained by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury. It's open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. The park was opened on November 4, 2017. The project took 11 months to build and cost 3.4 million dollars. It sits on three acres of land and includes picnic areas, exercise equipment, a playground, splash pad, and a walking pad.

So pack up the kids, bring their friends, and go have a blast this summer.

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