How many times have you seen an official vehicle parked in a parking lot under a shade tree and thought to yourself, "Is this guy on the clock"? Well that ability to goof off will no longer be possible once the State of Louisiana completes a fleet wide installation of GPS trackers on all state vehicles.

While we are not insinuating that any state employee would ever be derelict in their duties or never give less than a full day's work for a full day's pay we are simply stating that this tracking device will provide proof one way or another.  The reason for the installation of the devices on the statewide fleet is money.

According to Jan Cassidy who works with the state's division of procurement, the tracking devices could save you and me a lot of money.

It's going to help us to improve the management of our statewide fleet and it will reduce expenditures associated with the fleet.

Some estimates suggest that the state could realize a savings of $30 million over the next five years in more efficient use of fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs. There is a precedent that has already been proven. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture placed GPS devices on their vehicles in 2010 and they immediately saw a 29% savings in fuel costs.

The plan, according to a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network , should be in place by the end of November. The idea is not to spy on state employees but to make all state employees who drive state vehicles more responsible drivers and stewards of state assets.

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