Back in September, it was brought to our attention that a new gas station in Sulphur had gone up with a sign that was slightly misspelled. Obviously, signs for buildings aren't cheap, so we all sort of assumed that it would stay. Would the business owner embrace the typo and run with it or go ahead and change the sign? It would have been a heck of a gamble to run with the misspelling of the town you are trying to do business in.

Sulphur Express Fixed

Fast forward to now, I received a picture from one of our listeners late last week who was keeping tabs on the sign. It seems the owner has decided to play it safe and have the sign changed to the correct spelling of Sulphur. Misspellings happen all of the time. Heck, my fingers get going on this keyboard and I do the same thong, I mean thing.

It's an expensive correction, but at least all is right in Sulphur, LA.

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