Today is National Takeout Day and, now more than ever, local businesses in Southwest Louisiana need your support.

Today is the day to put the pots away and save your food you have in the freezer and refrigerator to help out local restaurants in the lake area.

Most of the restaurants in the Southwest Louisiana area are locally-owned and operated and employ local folks who count on those paychecks - especially now.

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With restaurants having to close the insides of the facilities and rely on take-out and drive-thru orders only, most have seen a significant drop in sales and they need your support.

So make sure and grab some lunch or dinner from a locally-owned restaurant today.

We want to invite local businesses to drop a photo of your business in the comment thread of this Facebook post to let all of our listeners you're open for for call-in and to-go orders. Use the hashtag #supportlocal so we can give a shout-out to all our great local restaurants.

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