The hot topic in the SWLA area is the headline that there is a "Swim Advisory" for the beach at I-10. That makes you click on the link, or share it, or even comment how "yea, no kidding". June 10th, the Louisiana Department of Health issued an advisory for the beach saying there were higher than normal levels of bacteria in the area.

The department checks the water weekly of twenty-four beaches in our area and advises accordingly. When the levels of bacteria that come from sewage pollution and area runoff, the advisory is issued. However, if you continue to read the statement, the Health Department also states that the bacteria content is mostly aimed at those with low immune systems like cancer patients, kids, elderly, and diabetics. It generally has no affect on a healthy human being.

Flickr / jc.winkler
Flickr / jc.winkler

The bacteria begins to grow when we have less rain that helps dilute the water, and therefore the bacteria. The less water, the more the bacteria has a chance to build up and become harmful. The department also says that this situation is common in all areas of Louisiana, and they just wanted to provide caution with those wanting to swim in the water.

If you're healthy, do your best cannonball and get to swimming!

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