Wanna get an inside look at their own slice of paradise?  ArchitecturalDigest.com has a feature on the private island that Tim and Faith own in the Bahamas.  There's also an cool story on what it took to build everything.

When they bought the island there were just a few grass roof buildings and a lot of sparse land. And since it's a private island, there's no city to provide facilities like water and electricity.

Faith said, quote, "We set out to build a house.  We had no idea we had to [construct] everything else.  We basically had to build a little town."  They even had to build houses for the staff to live in while they were doing construction.

They are pumped about the finiTim says, quote, "Every time we go there.  Every time we land the plane and walk onto the beach and head up to the house, we turn to each other and say, 'This is the best place in the world.'"

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