As always, I will begin with reminding you how much I despise these foam foot failures of shoes. Obviously, I am part of a small handful that hates them since they are a huge selling item and have been for a very long time. This new accessory actually makes me want to rethink my opinion of them.

Facebook, Arrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware

Introducing the Croc accessory you didn't know you needed until someone actually made it. Arrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware, as a goof, built what they called Sprocs. They're small 3-D printed spurs that go on the strap of your Crocs once you put them in four-wheel drive mode. The goof invention has now caused the custom cowboy shop to go into actual production and sell them.

Facebook, Arrow M Custom Cowboy Hardware

They make a lot of neat custom pieces, including actual spurs, but their Sprocs seem to be the hot item at the moment. You can customize your Sprocs as long or short and change up the rowel to accessorize your shoes, taking them from the yard to a night out honky tonkin'.

Get your very own pair from their Facebook page at $35.00 for a pair. Honestly, it's not a horrible price for a one-of-a kind custom piece you know will be the envy of all the real cowboys at the arena this weekend.

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