Police officers in Fort Worth, Texas spread out around the city to give turkeys to residents for Thanksgiving.

According to KHOU dozens of turkeys were handed out to For Worth citizens by five teams of police officers. Officer Anthony Coulter told the local news station that "Even though we do enforce traffic law and we do have some unpleasant decisions to make, we still are about the people".

Through out the day Officer Coulter pulled over people for things like failing to signal and not wearing a seat belt, but instead of tickets he gave the drivers a turkey.

The Fort Worth police officers enjoyed the chance to spread happiness, with one driver saying "I'm pleased to see it, because there's so much hate in this country right now, to see brotherly love, it's very, very inspiring."

For more information on the Fort Worth police officers inspiring display of love and giving head to the KHOU website.

[via KHOU]