Yeah, the crossover song by Lil Naas X and Billy Ray Cyrus Old Town Road is almost on its last leg for its fifteen minutes of fame. However, when you see a parody of it using the word "Cajun", you sorta just have to stop and watch.

cajun old town road 2

Scrolling through Facebook this afternoon, I ran across this duo. Introducing Jacques Hebert and Bubba Hebert. Jacque apparently owns a little shop called Cupped Up Vapes & Cigars. He and Bubba sat down and did a "collab" of their own in the back of the shop.

The result? The Cajun Old Town Road, complete with "dat good tick ak-scent". So far, I've watched it three times, laughing the entire time at the spot-on description of headed to the Old Town Road, complete with blowing up a porta potty after eating too much boudin!

Without further ado, here is what you clicked for!

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