Footage of Billy Ray Cyrus has been uploaded to YouTube by user Willie Leathers. It shows Cyrus on stage of the George Jones Museum in Nashville performing a show. He finishes a song as the crowd starts to chant for Old Town Road. A song that was already a hit, but went absolutely insane when artist Lil Naas X asked Cyrus to sing the hook to it.

Billy Ray talks about the song and how he is grateful that Lil Naas allowed him to sing on the track. He mentions how if it wasn't for that song, and him singing on it, the crowd probably wouldn't have been as excited to see him. He does a great job showing his respect for his renewed fame, and talks about how he owes it all to the song and artist that helped him get back up on top.

billy ray 2

The energy in the crowd is absolutely insane as they kick it off. Billy Ray even talks about how "they" should realize that if Country music fans like the song, then it should be a Country song. The whole video shows Billy's humility about this new found fame, it seems like he's just excited to be back on the stage and performing to crowds again.

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