McDonald's is bringing back the McRib on December 2. It's the first time they've offered it nationwide since 2012.

The first thing that came to mind when I heard the McRib was coming back in December was the word glorious and the entrance of pro wrestler, Bobby Roode.

Here's the very first McRib commercial from 1981:

Like the majority of Americans, I love fast food and I can still remember the first time I had a McRib. The sandwich was first introduced on the McDonald's menu in 1981. It didn't sell well and was taken off the menu in 1985. It made its glorious comeback in 1989, and I had my first one when I was in high school, probably around 1998. The first bite was magical, starting from the fresh soft French roll, to the sweet yet tangy BBQ sauce perfectly balanced with the white onions and the melt-in-your-mouth pork patty.

A few years ago, the McRib was getting bad press about being made from throwaway parts of the pig and not straight pork meat, so McDonald's invited a film crew to their processing plant to show how the sandwich is made.

December 2, Mickey D's can count on a purchase from me, and it will be a new first, as my son and daughter have never had one.

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