We had a visitor at the Gator studio this afternoon. Hebert's Specialty Meats stopped by. Of course they heard through the grapevine of listeners Friday that I was blabbing on and on about their Cauliflower Boudin they make. I was dying to try it, they were out when I ran by on Saturday, so they special delivered some.


Opening the box, I got all tingly because, despite what I though it would look like, it looked just like boudin. Between the smell and the look, you would have thought it was just normal boudin. A little closer inspection made me realize that boudin looks weird with no rice.

I grabbed a piece and gave it a try. Dear reader, it is absolutely amazing. Now, I won't tell you it's exactly like the real boudin we have all come to love and enjoy, but I WILL tell you that as healthy as people say it is, it doesn't taste like it is. This stuff is AMAZING! I couldn't stop eating it, and wish I had a few pounds of it. It is absolutely delicious, and I firmly believe that any one skeptical about it will be pleasantly surprised. Go get you some, and see if you don't serve it along side your normal boudin at your football parties this fall and winter. I hope it never goes away and as I'm writing this, I am dying for some more.


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