The bells start to ring and the change starts to fall when the famous Salvation Army Red Buckets come out during the Christmas Season. While the world has changed around us, the need for donations has become more important this year than in the past. Although the ringers will be out in full force, there will be some changes according to the Red Cross. Masks and gloves will be worn by all ringers, and the traditional red kettles will be wiped down and disinfected.

Salvation Army In San Francisco Launches Annual Red Kettle For Holiday Donations
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With the pandemic and now multiple hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, the need for donations is at an all time high. On the other side, the availability to receive such donations is quite the opposite for the 2020 season. The extra need for the Salvation Army during the hurricanes put a but of a strain on them, but they have upped their coverage for the kettles, and also their angel trees. The people needing help from the Salvation Army has also increased by 2,500 additional families in need as compared to 2019.

Not everyone has the ability to give a lot, but if a lot of people give a little, it could go a long way for a lot of families in need during this holiday season.

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