We are still trying to recover from two hurricanes, and there are many businesses and restaurants that still haven't been able to open because of damage. We are looking forward to all of them bouncing back and reopening.

But there also is good news in the lake area. As many recover, we are also seeing progress  As a sign of growth in Southwest Louisiana, more new businesses are opening up in the area, and today there is a new pizza restaurant opening in Lake Charles.

LIT Pizza is set to open in Lake Charles today, January 25, and it boasts that their pizza is blast fired. The new restaurant gives you the opportunity to get one of their classic pizzas or create your own. They offer gluten free and cauliflower options, as well.

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They also have healthy options, which include salads like Caesar, Green Lite, and create-your-own options. You can also get a glass of wine or a beer with your pizza or just get yourself a soda or lemonade.

LIT pizza is located in the new Kroger shopping center on the corner of Nelson Road and Country Club Road.

Gator 99.5 will be out on location today from 10:30am to 12:30pm, broadcasting live as LIT pizza opens up to the public. We invite you to come on by and try some pizza or build your own. As a bonus when you come by, you could even win free pizza for a year. We will see you out there.

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