With all the family and food involved in hosting Thanksgiving dinner it's no wonder why people get stressed. Try out these tips for a stress-free Turkey Day.

  1.  Go to the grocery store now - There's nothing more stressful than last minute grocery shopping, you can never find exactly what you want and the store is always packed!
  2.  Clean your kitchen - Start off your turkey day with a clean slate, you'll be more organized and less stressed.
  3.  Delegate - It's ok to ask for helo, most people will want to help you out!
  4. Stick to the classics - It's Thanksgiving, if you have a turkey, potatoes, and cranberries your guests will be happy. There's no need to get all fancy with your food.
  5. Order in - Give yourself a day to relax and not worry about cooking and cleaning , order a pizza or your favorite take out the day before the turkey day festivities.

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