When you see someone weaving in and out of lanes of traffic, speeding along the highway at 100 mph, ignoring pedestrians and bicycles, and driving erratically, you know who they are. They are the worst drivers, and if you're in Louisiana this may not come as a surprise, but there was a Louisiana city ranked in America as the city with some of the worst drivers.

Occupations with the Rudest Drivers

Many states across America have seen a reduction in traffic accidents as well as injuries and fatalities when they have passed stricter traffic laws along with stiffer penalties, but what happens when drivers seem to disregard traffic laws altogether?

Unfortunately, Louisiana has a horrible record when it comes to obeying the basic rules of the road including following traffic signals, using their seatbelts, and even making sure their driver's license is valid before they take to the road. So if you live in Louisiana, it comes as no surprise that there is a Louisiana city at the top of the list...

Most Dangerous Cities for Driving (2020)
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Our friends over at Travel.Alot.com took a deep dive into a study done by QuoteWizard that compared driver safety among major cities across the country.

So which Louisiana city do you think tops the list? Initial thought has to include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Alexandria, and Lafayette... But, which one is it?

Baton Rouge Replaces New Orleans As Louisiana's Most Populous City
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If you said Baton Rouge, Louisiana pat yourself on the back! Baton Rouge comes in as one of America's Worst Driver cities. But, that's not even the craziest part... It's how high the Red Stick ranks compared to the rest of America. Also, two of these cities are not like the rest... California... YIKES!

Top 10 American Cities With the Worst Drivers

10. Jacksonville, Florida
9. Richmond, California
8. Riverside, California
7. Fresno, California
6. San Diego, California
5. San Francisco, California
4. Los Angeles, California
3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2. Sacramento, California
1. Bakersfield, California

You can view the full list via Travel.Alot.com by CLICKING HERE

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