Crosseyed is an understatement when you take a gander at this sign from a local Dairy Queen. I remember working my first fast-food job at Sonic. We would run out of stuff, it happens everywhere. Course, these days it seems like it happens way more frequently than ever before, but the times are changing when it comes to getting supplies or someone to come work on broken equipment.

Sometimes, a sign is the best way to get the message out. It saves time for the employees trying to explain what is going on and saves time for the customer if they had their heart set on that specific item. Personally, I don't think a written sign is too tacky. It works in a pinch and, after working in the customer service industry for many years, it's sometimes better to just get the word out than worry about how fancy it looks. It IS a good idea, however, to make sure said sign is legible and makes sense. It should also be spelled correctly. That wasn't the case for this poor little sign.

T Nall
T Nall

We have ever thing exept !!! no shakes or maLts

My spell check is really angry about having to spell that quote correctly by the way.

Apparently, the shake machine was broken. That's what I am gathering from this note. Some comments said that they were out of ice cream. You might think that at first because of the main ingredients in a shake and malt. Just call me the fat version of Sherlock Holmes!

Either way, maybe next time we place a sign out at a business, we pass it through our phone or a computer for some grammar and spellcheck action. I understand we all make mistakes, but I would rather not have to need the Rosetta Stone to do so.

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