Traffic in Lake Charles is absolutely horrible with construction, but one traffic jam possibly saved a life.

This last Tuesday brought about a jaw dropping picture of 13 Semi-Trucks lined up under an overpass above Interstate 696 in Detroit, Michigan.

Photo Captured from ABC News YouTube

A man was on the ledge of the overpass allegedly preparing to jump. Police arrived on the scene and began to flag down truckers along the interstate to park under the overpass. The idea behind the "semi" traffic jam was to block the man from jumping to his death. The truckers spread out across the overpass immediately as police began to talk him down from the ledge of the overpass.

Photo Captured from ABC News YouTube

This video from ABC News contains pictures from that scene and shows the power we have when we come together. Whether it be to save a life, or just do something nice for someone in our day to day lives. You never know by just smiling at someone with a frown or opening a door for someone might just brighten their day.

You don't have to park 13 trucks across an interstate to save a life, you can tell someone "Hi" and ask them how they are, it could do the exact same thing.