Yesterday, we had some pretty severe weather pass through Southwest Louisiana. Tornado watches and warnings were popping up all over the area.

Yesterday, heavy winds and heavy rain were prevalent but the real story was the funnel clouds popping up all over the area. The lake in downtown Lake Charles had white caps rolling on the water. It was pretty bad.

We were on top of the weather during the noon hour yesterday monitoring things to pass along to you on the radio. We saw one person post on Facebook that they saw a funnel cloud pass right over their home.  That person was located in the Topsy Road area.

Then we saw this post a video of a funnel cloud passing just North of the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles. We are not Meteorologists but to us, this thing looks like a tornado to us!.

Check out this video. Be Careful opening this up AT WORK. There is some profanity in the video. Credit: Cassondra Guilbeau Rasbeary


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