As I was cruising around on Facebook last night, I was sent a random screen shot from what seemed to be a legit statement from Waitr. The statement was from Waitr saying how they would be offering all of Lake Charles free delivery on orders until February 2 by simply using a special code word. The statement said it can be used as many times as you can till the end date, and for it to be shared.

waitr screen grab

Now, I never believe what I see on the internet, so I decided to do some detective work. I went right to the source and shot a message over to their Facebook page. Apparently, the response is a bit automated, and took the fact that I said "code" and it thought I was asking about their current promotion about free Waitr for a year. Nice try Waitr, I'm trying to get it free for the next few days.

waitr convo 1

Of course, I responded in a very respective manner.

waitr convo 3

Then I got THE response we have all been waiting for!

Waitr convo 4

So if you've been wanting to try Waitr, this is your perfect chance with 0 regrets (regerts). Free delivery on food AND free delivery on grocery orders!

Now you know, the rest of the story (wait, that line has been done before)


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