Now that states are slowly starting to reopen after the country-wide isolation, people are itching to go on vacation. Whether it is based off of the need to take a break from your family or because the kids have aged you five years in one month, we could all use some time away.

Fox News Orlando posted that Walt Disney World is now taking reservations for July, 2020. If you had a vacation planned or were planning a trip to Disney World, you better hurry because reservations have already started flooding in. At 10:40am Monday morning the website had 158 people booked at Disney's Pop Culture Resort and 127 booked for Disney's All-Star Resort. Reservations can only be made starting in July. If you select June, the website will notify you that is unavailable.

The good news for people who had already booked a trip prior to the closure is that Disney will allow you to modify your reservation for July 1 or later. If for some reason the theme parks do not reopen by your reservation dates, guests will be allowed to change their dates.

Walt Disney World is still currently closed to the coronavirus pandemic. Check the Walt Disney website for any changes and more information.

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