You never know who you will see pop up and perform when you head out to local Lake Charles restaurants that have live music.

Such is the case this past Wednesday night at Beauxdines' on Ryan Street in Lake Charles. I was there for my buddy Chad Pousson's birthday. Chad is one of the owners of the restaurant and we were there to have dinner, eat some crawfish, and listen to some live music.

Chris Breaux was there performing live but since it was a special occasion being Chad's birthday and all, Chris brought an entire band which included an accordion, fiddle, and steel guitar player.

They were performing old country and even some Cajun music. While they were performing, in walks Cajun music star Jamie Bergeron. He came in to support the band. A couple of the guys playing Wednesday night with Chris Breaux also play in Jamie's band.

About 20 minutes after Jamie arrived, the band called him up on stage to play a couple of songs. Jamie Bergeron grabbed the accordion and this is what happened.

Jamie performed the classic Cajun song, Mom, I'm Still Your Little Boy which is a classic first performed by Cajun music legend Camey Doucet years ago.

How cool is that? Fans and restaurant-goers were shocked to see the Cajun star up on stage singing and playing for them when they didn't expect it.

This just shows you, you never know who will pop up when you are out watching live music here in Lake Charles.  It was a great time and fun to see Jamie play in Lake Charles again.

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