So let me set the scene for you. My morning show partner, Chad Austin, who I thought liked me, decided we needed to do this candy corn challenge.

But this isn't you traditional candy corn, folks. The people at Brach's candies decided to booger it up by releasing a Thanksgiving version of the famous candy. It's called Turkey Dinner Candy Corn and features six different flavors.

The flavors in the bag include green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. Chad arranged all six flavors in a police lineup for me to try each one.

Candy Corn (TSM)
Candy Corn (TSM)

We went live on the air and on the Gator 99.5 Facebook page so you could watch this tragedy play out.

We started this challenge, and you will see in the video I was not thrilled about doing this in the first place. I looked at the candy corn lineup and decided to jump right into the challenge. Some of them I could stomach, but there were a couple of the candies that just made me want to spit them back out.

In the video, Chad narrates this mess while I try and just push through this nasty candy challenge. In my opinion, the roasted turkey and the stuffing were the absolute worst! After eating these, I think I will make a gumbo for Thanksgiving this year because if I get around any turkey or any type of stuffing, I will immediately think of this gross candy.

Enjoy the video, y'all.

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