We were certain we had found an alien. Confirmation of life from another planet. When my husband and son decided to move the portable basketball goal that has been sitting next to our driveway for the last 10 years, the creature you see in the video was squirming about.

My grand daughter said it looked like a worm and a hammerhead shark. I said all manner of inappropriate things and thanked my lucky stars I had only seen video proof of its existence.

My teenage son, being a curious lad and never far from technology, would find out that it is a Land Planarian or Arrowhead Flatworm. We would all learn that it enjoys a diet of slugs and other garden pests; however, it also dines on earthworms, which makes it a nuisance to many gardeners.

As I was reading about our new-found neighbor, my husband walked in and proclaimed, "It just threw off its tail," to which I replied, "Great! It's having a baby." That's just one of two ways this slimy creature reproduces.

I decided to stop reading about our garden guest when I found out that, while its oddly-shaped head is its head, its mouth serves as both an entrance and an exit point for its body. Yes. I've had enough education for one day.

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