So I am currently on vacation. It's my first ever vacation, don't worry, I'm not doing anything elaborate.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have noticed that weird things tend to happen to me. Weird scenarios that I couldn't even imagine to dream up. They just happen.

So fast forward to the start of my vacation. At my apartment, I have a back porch. It's a nice little porch to watch the sunrise as I drink coffee. I've got some Jeep parts back there, along with my little chair.

Saturday night, after getting back from the Jen Kober show, I walked up to my back porch and felt something different, like something had changed. I don't have a light back there, so I grabbed my phone to see what this black mass was on my porch.

fridge 3

Dear Reader, there was a mini fridge now occupying the space. Not only was it there, but it was plugged in. I did what any normal American would do, I opened it.

I watch a TON of NCIS, CIS, and ID channel, but all of those scenarios didn't really kick in at that time. There could have been a severed head in there, body parts, something horrific. Inside? Coronas, ice cream, 2 half used bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ, and a princess lunch box ice pack in the freezer.

As I took a step back to begin to think what random purchase did I make on Facebook, I also realized my broom had been moved. THEY SWEPT MY BACK PORCH OFF!!!!

fridge 5

I called my parents the next morning, they were clueless. I called every friend I knew that could possibly have dropped it off, nothing. I tried to channel the powers of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and still came up with nothing on how this mini-fridge got to my house.

fridge 1

It is now Wednesday and the fridge is still there. I have written a note on it and left a pen asking "If this is yours, please tell me how in the world it even got here, and why did you sweep."

Happy Vacation week to me.