Unfortunately, the weather took a toll on some of our stations. This was caused by the ice setting up on some of the lines at the transmitter sites. While we try to do everything we can to stay on the air during storms, every now and then things may be out of our control.

Thanks for a wonderful engineer like Jon O who does a great job of maintaining and keeping us on the air. He has also shown the benefits of some of those Mardi Gras beads we would usually be using for Fat Tuesday.

Obviously, this wouldn't really help in any way, but this is what Jon does for a living and he is originally from Montana, so he has truly seen his share of snowstorms and was actually prepared for things around here. He just thought it'd be fun to have add a little Mardi Gras humor to the situation.

That said, this is not recommended for any of us to try, so please don't. At all. It's just a joke!

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