If you aren't a "Voice" watcher, you might remember Billy Gilman as a child star in Country. He was signed to Epic Records when he was eleven years old, and his first album "One Voice" went to number 2 on the Billboard Charts, which according to Billboard, broke a record for youngest singer on the Billboard Charts set by Brenda Lee in 1957.

I remember when he really didn't do a whole opening act, but a short set for many country music stars on tour. He had the heart of Nashville for awhile with his sweet pure sound. When I met him, I was struck by his kind manner, and how easily he talked to adults, he looked like a child, but had an adult grace about him that many adults just wish they had.

As he got older, we didn't hear much from Gilman anymore, and it wasn't until he was on the auditions for NBC's The Voice that I heard the story of the struggle he had once his voice started changing, when he was growing up. His voice might have changed, but still an amazing talent, Monday night on The Voice, Billy Gilman covered Martina McBride's "Anyway". If you are a singer, gone to any singing contest, or karaoke night, you know singing a Martina song is normally just not a good idea. Unless you are Billy Gilman. I thought he absolutely nailed it, and so did Martina McBride.

On her Facebook Martina McBride posted:

He was sent to the "Top 8" last night in "The Voice" competition. By what he's said on the show, I don't know if Billy Gilman will return to Country Music, and I am sorry to hear that he had rough years. We've heard so many stories about child stars, and the brutality that ensued as they started growing up, often ending in terrible choices that left them in bad shape. I'm very glad to see that Billy Gilman didn't go down that road, and we're sure to be seeing him somewhere on the Billboard Charts again, soon! Good for him!