The internet was all a flurry over the weekend over the "other guy" singing along side with my beloved Chris Stapleton, but who is he?

Early on in the evening of Saturday, Chris Stapleton posted a video on his Twitter account saying "We've got some extra Kentucky in NYC". Suddenly in the video, Sturgill Simpson steps out from behind Stapleton and takes his hat. Country, and cross over fans for that matter, went crazy with excitement. One Twitter user, @itsprobablyjoe, commented "Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson on SNL. I may not survive this because both are just SO GOOD". He was right, it was amazing!

60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room
Getty Images for NARAS

Simpson, from Kentucky, has earned a steadily growing fan base over the past few years and was even nominated for a grammy in 2017 for album of the year. Although Adele won it, he still took home best country album. The performances felt very familiar back to when Stapleton and, bff, Justin Timberlake performed together at the ACM awards. That performance was the foundation for the explosion that Stapleton has seen over the past years. Will this be Simpson's career ignition to main stream? We can only hope so. I have followed him for the past few years and love every album, 3 to be exact, he has fathered. This could be a power move by the duo showing what happens when an "outsider" is given a National Spotlight and shines like a brand new penny. Mark it down, Buddy Russ predicts we will be hearing a LOT more from Simpson over the next few months!

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