Health concerns are the reason for canceling Nelson's tour dates. Nelson, 86, posted on social media yesterday explaining that he was having some breathing problems and wanted to get checked out by his doctor. Currently, he is on tour with Alison Krauss and was set to perform in Michigan this Friday. His website does list the rest of his tour dates all the way through November, with no notes about being canceled due to this new health issue. Other sources say he should be able to resume the tour in September, and he is looking to perform for the September 21 Farm Aid show.

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In January of 2018, he had to cancel some shows due to a severe cold he had contracted and again in 2012 when he ended up in the hospital for respiratory issues. In 2017, Nelson actually had to stop in the middle of one of his shows in Salt Lake City because he was having trouble breathing that he claims was due to the higher altitude. His 2019 tour is scheduled to end in November in Thackerville, OK.

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