So if you are going to grab bags of crawfish and run out of the store without paying for them ... maybe you should be in good enough shape to have enough lung power to blow into your ignition interlock so you can start your car. I would be embarrassed to be this guy.


The good news is that it did not happen here; but it did happen in Thibodeaux. This just once again confirms that criminals are not always the smartest people. Scott Silverii was certainly not ready to run a marathon. He could barely get across the parking lot to his car. Then store employees stood outside his car taking pictures while he waited to catch his breath so he could blow into his vehicle interlock device (a device used on individuals that have been found guilty of DWI ... If there is any alcohol on their breath the vehicle will not start.) He did finally catch his breath and fled the scene. Don't stop laughing yet though.

When Williams was arrested later at his home he told officers he had been at work until 4:30. That is when the officer told him it was not 4:30 yet. My guess is that it would have been a lot cheaper just to buy a crawfish dinner.






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