Winning. It means big dollars, prestige, bragging rights, and a better chance to recruit the best athletes. At least that's what winning means to big-time college football programs. LSU plays big time college football. There will be no bigger game in the country than this Saturday night's contest between the Tigers and the current #1 college football team in the country, Alabama.

A win by the LSU Tigers over their very  much disliked SEC Western Division foes on Saturday could have very important implications on the future of Ed Orgeron. Coach "O" has revitalized a good LSU team since he was named interim  coach after the dismissal of Les Miles earlier this season.

Fans, talk show hosts, and even the national media have been speculating about what is next for the LSU football program. After Miles' firing the word was out that the Tigers had their man already lined up. Many of the rumors about "the man" have involved current Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher.

In the opinions of many, Coach Orgeron was supposed to help the Tigers limp through the rest of the season with a respectable record. At the end of the season, LSU would announce who the next real head coach would be. No one was counting on Coach "O" doing such an incredible job. A win over Alabama on Saturday would really create a situation among the fan base.

The reason for that situation is that Orgeron is a Louisiana product. He speaks with a definite South Lafourche accent. He not only embraces the people and culture of our state, he has lived it and loves it. For many Tiger fans, Ed Orgeron is one of us.

If I am being truthful, I believe LSU has a really good chance to defeat Alabama. I also believe Coach Orgeron has earned a right to be in the conversation about who will lead the Tigers moving forward. I also believe Athletic Director Joe Alleva will find a way to screw this up not matter what decision he makes.