Apparently, it's illegal to own a live crawfish anywhere in the state, and Michiganders (yeah, that's really what they're called) are freaking out over the "invasive species" showing up.

They call it a "red swamp crayfish" and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hunting them. Yeah, you read that right. Crawfish hunting. In Michigan.

Shocked that they can pull crawfish out of retention ponds at an astonishing rate of one per minute, the state says they were probably smuggled into the area by "black market food traffickers". Which is apparently a thing that exists.

The DNR says crawfish burrows "can weaken soil structure and cause erosion" and calls the mudbugs "extremely aggressive". Keep a safe distance, kids!

In the report below from WDIV Local 4 News in Michigan, the anchor was shocked that they were able to round up 200 hundred of the "red swamp crayfish" in one day!

Remind us to never invite a Michigander to a Louisiana crawfish boil. Their delicate little hearts might explode.

Watch out, y'all. It's the crawfishpocalypse up in Yankee Land!

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