Local author, Michele Trahan, wrote a children's book that just released this Tuesday. The book Your Mama's Not a Llama, was written to help children cope with the loss of people they love, bullying, differences in appearance, blended families and much more. This book is more than just a story of acceptance for Michele because it has a very special place in her heart and life.

The book's narrator is a lovable llama named Ted. Ted tells the readers about his family and his mama. His family may be a little different than some families, but they all get along with no drama. You can follow Ted online at @That_llama_ted.

The book was published by Ally-Gator Book Bites and the photographs were illustrated by Ashley Hewitt & Wendy Guidry. The pictures are of Ted the Llama and his many brothers and sisters which include but are not limited to: another llama, chickens, ducks, geese, a quarter horse, a miniature horse, goats, and a sheep named Elliot. Elliot came to the farm as a angry sheep. All he wanted to do was fuss and hit people or make them run away. Elliot one day began to trust his brother Andy (the red llama) and they quickly became best friends. Like Ted says in the book, "We realized that Elliot wasn't a bad sheep. He wanted love and attention and he sure gets that now."

Michele Trahan was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Her and her husband, Eric Trahan, have been married for twenty-six years and have two daughters, Bethany and Kamryn. Michele has loved animals and has turned a passion into a purpose. She has opened her farm as a safe place for emotional support and does a lot of work with Family & Youth Organization @FYCALC, The Good Mouring Gang. This book hopes to bring joy, comfort, and hope to someone who might feel a bit empty.

You can find books for purchase at Pat's of Henderson, Expressions, Mercantile 54, Salon W, and Gordon's Drug Store. You can also email Michele at myaroo847@gmail.com about purchasing a book. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Family & Youth Organization.

Even if your mama isn't a llama, this book can help show children how being different is okay. In fact, it makes you special from your head down to your hooves.

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