Your favorite Cajun alligator hunters are back! The new season of Swamp People premieres tonight on the History Channel.

Troy Landry and all your other favorite hunters are back in the 13th season of the hit show. Can you believe that Swamp People has already been on the air for 12 seasons and is about to start their 13th season?

Well, believe it.  If you are familiar with the show then you know what it's all about.  If you are new to the show, then let us explain o you what this show is all about.

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The History Channel crew of cameramen and women follow these Louisiana alligator hunters as they struggle to preserve their way of life In Cajun Country.  The hunter's troll places like the Atchafalaya Basin and other waterways and bayous in South Louisiana to score the catch.

For most of them, their main source of income comes from alligator hunting season which is only 30 days in Louisiana and runs from September 1st through September 30th every year.

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When you watch the show you may think these guys are nuts because of the monster alligators they fight on their lines to capture and you may be right. That is just how us Cajuns are.

So get ready to watch the new season Swamp People fans or if you are new to the show, hold on to your rubber boots and get ready to take the ride of your life tonight at 8:00 pm on the History Channel.

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